Alfred Sung D587 V-Neckline High-Low Bridesmaid Dress

If you have been asked to be in a wedding party, then one particular designer from Dessy should spring to mind. There are a wide variety of his dresses, but the Alfred Sung D587 V neck maxi bridesmaid dress stands out from the rest. This is a floor-length high-low dress with an elegant, chic appearance.

Alfred Sung D587 Bridesmaid Dress
Style D587

The high-low hem is the latest fashion fad in town. The length gives the dress the classic formal look. The high hem at the front means your BFFs can flaunt their pretty shoes just for the occasion.

The High-Low hem is also functional since there is no trip hazard. Your bridesmaids will not be struggling to hold on to their bouquets while trying to lift up the front hem of their dresses. All you have is pretty looking ladies without a worry on your line up.

Another aspect of this very practical gown that is quite functional is the side pockets on the skirt. Talk to anyone who has been a bridesmaid before and they will tell you how convenient having a pocket in their dress would have been. This offers discreet storage for those important items your bridesmaids won’t be able to carry in their hands.

The fitted bodice offers a striking contrast to the free flowing skirt, almost giving the gown an hourglass silhouette. The bodice is sleeveless and has a V-neckline. This dips down to the chest can work well with a neck chain or not so your bridesmaids are free to go with what they want.

Style D587 is a timeless piece. This is one of the most important things to look for in any dresses to be worn during weddings. The wedding photos will be around forever and you need your choice of gowns to still look stylish twenty years from now.

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